Why Should You Choose Apple Over Android?

Are you looking to buy a new phone, tablet, or computer? If so, the age-old debate of whether Apple or Android is better will always come into conversation. Here are some reasons why Apple products might be the better choice…



Firstly, in this new era of digital technology, security should always be a priority. When weighing up the pros and cons of any new technical device, its ability to protect your valuable data and prevent any security related attacks should be of the upmost importance.

When it comes to the debate of Apple products versus Androids, there really is no contest.

Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, and Apple Mac computers, all come with a built-in function that allows for secure data protection and encryption. This means that any sensitive and personal data that you may have stored in your Apple products, whether it be messages, passwords, or contact information for example, will always be stored in an encrypted format.

Features like the iCloud use secure tokens for data storage and authentication, with sensitive data being stored using end-to-end encryption. No one else, including even Apple themselves, can access end-to-end encrypted information – making it almost impossible for any third party or individual to get their hands on your personal information.

It is also common knowledge that iPhones are almost un-hackable. In fact, 97% of all viruses and malware are made to target Android products, as the security on their devices are much more susceptible to information and security breaches.

Apple products come built-in with potent anti-virus technology and software, whereas on Android products, you will likely need to download and install those types of software separately.

Technological Superiority.

With regards to Apple products, they are produced with technology that is far superior to any other brand of mobile or computer that are around today.

The software used with iPhones for example, is the latest and best available, and by making use of frequent and timely updates, a smooth functionality, and top-notch security, the user experience will be second to none.

Alongside this, their iOS updates are frequent and effective, unlike Android updates, they have customisable features that will allow you to automatically update when you are not using the product, or to instead manually choose when to update. This can help to avoid having an unnecessary and lengthy update when you want to simply complete a small task without interruption.

Furthermore, the iOS App Store is far ahead of its time when it comes to competitors. It is no secret that, due to Apple’s prominence in the tech industry, all the most popular applications and games all come to Apple’s app store first. The iOS App Store will likely have your favourite app weeks or even months before the Google Play Store.


Customer Service.

When you own any type of technical product, you will always need customer support and servicing. However, it can be a problem if this customer support is well received.

Maintaining your product will be important in increasing the life of your device’s functionality. Apple have many stores in place all over the globe, and with their specialised tech gurus always readily available to solve your problem, you will always have top quality service at your fingertips.


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Which do you prefer… Apple or Android devices? Comment below with why!


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