Ways to Identify a Fake Apple Charger

If you’ve invested in the latest Apple iPhone or iPad, you might be in the market for a second charger that you can carry around with you, just in case you need to charge your device while you’re out and about. But with so many online retailers claiming to sell ‘Apple’ chargers for a range of prices, how do you know that you’re buying a legitimate charger? To help you avoid substandard products, here are some ways that you can identify a fake Apple charger.


No ‘MFI’ logo on the box.

Every certified Apple product carries an MFI logo (Made for iPhone/iPad) featured on the outside of the box. Also, all authentic Apple cables have ‘Designed by Apple in California,’ which makes life a lot easier when trying to identify a counterfeit product. If it’s not branded by Apple, there’s no guarantee that it’s a genuine charger.


Long charging times.

If you’ve recently purchased a charging cable online for your iPhone or iPad, you may be able to discern its authenticity by the length of time it takes to charge. Authentic Apple products charge your devices quickly, whereas fake chargers take much longer to charge, often twice the amount of time. If you end up waiting hours to charge your iPhone, you’re almost certainly using a fake charger.


The colour of the faceplate inserts.

Original Apple chargers for iPhone and iPad always come with Grey/Metallic faceplate inserts and are easily distinguishable. Fake chargers, on the other hand, often have white or black inserts instead. While you might not be able to see the color of the faceplate from an online picture, you will definitely see the difference when you compare it in person to an original Apple charger.



The quality of the plug pins.

Authentic Apple chargers for iPhone and iPad come with high-quality plug pins that are sturdy and immovable. In contrast, fake Apple chargers often feel a little less resilient, and you might be able to hear a hollow sound when you tap on its exterior. The quality of the plug pins is important as it determines how well your device will charge. Poor quality plug pins are another aspect of fake Apple chargers.


Absence of authentic CE logo.

Before plugging a suspected fake Apple charger into your wall, check the product for the CE safety mark, which is present on all authentic Apple products. While some counterfeiters forge the safety mark, you can easily spot it. Chargers that haven’t been awarded a CE safety mark pose a fire hazard and should be discarded immediately.


What to do with a fake Apple charger.

If you’ve mistakenly purchased a fake Apple charger for your iPhone or iPad, consider returning it to the retailer who sold it to you, providing you still have the receipt. You should avoid using it for your Apple device, as it may affect the quality of your iPhone or iPad and could even be a fire hazard. To be sure you’re buying a legitimate Apple charger, consider shopping directly from the Apple store to save yourself the hassle of picking up a fake.


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